Caleb Tennis caleb at
Mon Dec 23 13:51:35 GMT 2002

On Sunday 22 December 2002 15:54, Julian Rockey wrote:
> Is this the right place to post patches? Being new to this list I'm being a
> little bit cautious, but I posted three patches on 14/12 and I've had no
> responses...even a "this is rubbish" would be something :-)
> If it's not an area any core developers are interested in (it's Python
> support) could someone let me know who's maintaining the Python stuff in
> Gideon, so I can e-mail them directly?


Thanks for the patches - as far as I know there isn't an active (or at least 
visible) maintainer of the python part, which is probably why nobody 
responded.  Bernd Gehrmann wrote the original, but I'm sure if your patches 
are improvements that they'd be welcome for incorporation.  

The mailing list kdevelop-devel at is probably a better place for 
patches and part discussion.

Do you have a CVS account?  We'd love to have you on the team as an active 
maintainer of the python part.


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