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Subject: Integrating PUD...
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 01:58:35 -0600
From: "Michael Stemle, Jr." <mstemle1024 at msn.com>
To: <kdevelop at kdevelop.org>

Greetings.  I am the creator and maintainer of a small collection of programs
 known as PUD (Programmer Utilities Distribution).  I've been working on this
 project off and on since 2000.  It started as a back scratcher, and now has
 a regular user base of approximately 75 users that have given me feedback. 
 Almost all of them have expressed to me that they believe that PUD would be
 a very interesting bit of functionality to add into an IDE program.  I'm
 aware of some functionality provided by PUD already existing in your
 program.  I have mastered the "art" of skeleton source file creation through
 trial, error, and feedback from users.  Basically, the main function of PUD
 is to create skeleton files from templates and styles, while taking into
 account configurations set by the user.  I've just completed rewriting the
 heart of PUD in C.  I've got most of the functions that actually do work in
 a small library, libpud.  I think that your program could benefit from some
 of the functionality provided by PUD.  If you wish to take a look at PUD,
 you will find it at http://pud.sourceforge.net.  Please note that the new C
 versions of the PUD programs are still rather new.  I just completed them
 and released them this evening.  As soon as the new version gets some use I
 will be able to nix whatever bugs it may have.  I do not plan on changing
 the interface for the library for libpud, and I would be more than delighted
 to help someone implement the library.  Although, since I'm not familiar
 with kdevelop, I don't see myself being able to implement anything myself. 
 If you wish to discuss this any further, or decide that this is not a change
 you wish to make, please simply let me know.  Thank you very much.

~Michael D. Stemle, Jr.


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