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I have built gideon using gcc-3.2 from cvs head of approx 2 weeks ago (I am 
just building it again with latest cvs).  I turn these builds into debian 
packages that sit alongside kde 3.1-rcx that I have also build into .debs and 
installed.  I have installed these gideon packages

I have created a simple kde app with it, and now want to run it with the 
debugger to understand what it is doing.  (I am trying to teach myself how to 
build kde applications).

I don't seem to be getting anywhere - breakpoints appear in the list of 
breakpoints - but the code never seems to stop when it gets to them.

Also I used kdevelop a while ago - and the code window used to show where the 
breakpoints were.  Should this still be the case in the new version, because 
it no longer seems to mark the code?

I just tried reading the manual through the url posted a short while ago on to 
this list.  The section on debugging is vague - it says I should set the 
compiler option - but I can't find any specific compiler options under the 
various compiler tabs in the project-options/configure dialog so just added 
- --enable-debug on the general configure option.  That didn't work.

I saw a message in the archives that implied that the debugger is not working 
in gideon.  Is this the case? - in which case, would I be better off 
reverting to the KDEVELOP_2_2_BRANCH and trying to build (kdevelop), or am I 
doing something wrong.


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