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Tue Oct 30 21:44:48 GMT 2001

Daniel Thivierge wrote:

> Also, I am begin re-learn C++ and have no experience visual
> application.  I thought I could start the project in terminal base and
> when I learn how to create KDE application convert it to KDE.  Will it
> be hard to move from one to the other?  Will I have to re-input most of
> my project into the new KDE template?  (Or should I learn KDE first and
> then move on to my project to save myself some problems....)

i would go for the second one:
there is a big difference between terminal based und gui (event based)
normal applications:
 your program is active, you say things like
  read - the user has to input data now
  write - the program knows something and writes it to the screen, and
    forgets about it - it is saved in the screen memory

event based programs (= most gui programs)
  the program sets up event handlers (callbacks) and has
  to react (wait passive for something to happen); you know
  this "don't call, we will call you"

  instead of controling the user with
    cin << a; cin << b;       // input now and in this order
  you have 2 input fields and a button, the user can enter in 
  any order, change the values, change to another window, 
  resize ... - this is done by qt/kde in the "background"; 
  but when he presses a button it your programs turn, you have 
  to react and do something - so the user is in control and you
  have to do anything in his order
  and whenever the windows system says "paint" you have to paint
  the window - this may be when the user resizes, switches to another 
  application and back, after a menue is shown, ... so its
  your job to keep all info to be able to do the painting

  and the templates a document based - you have a document (with data)
  and one or more views which display the data in a window

so you need a total different idea how your program works


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