Need of advise.

Daniel Thivierge daniel_thivierge at
Tue Oct 30 21:15:19 GMT 2001

I am starting to work on a project that will have 1 main program and few
slave.  From what I read, I should not try to put it all in the same
directory.  But rather create a directories for each executable has a
project.  I thought I could used something like /home/dt/myproject/main
and /home/dt/myproject/slave1 ...  Will I get to any problem doing so?

Also, I am begin re-learn C++ and have no experience visual
application.  I thought I could start the project in terminal base and
when I learn how to create KDE application convert it to KDE.  Will it
be hard to move from one to the other?  Will I have to re-input most of
my project into the new KDE template?  (Or should I learn KDE first and
then move on to my project to save myself some problems....)

Any advise will be appriciated.


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