KDE 2.0 and QT 3.0 beta 4 works together ?

Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Tue Oct 30 10:06:58 GMT 2001

On Tuesday, 30. October 2001 20:36, you wrote:

Hi Catalin, 

a more clearer mail would certainly help :)
>From the subject, I read that you want to use KDE 2.0 with Qt 3 (the final is 
already out, so you better update.)  You cannot compile KDE 2.0 with Qt 3 
itself, so you need to have Qt 2.2.x installed at least to run KDE 2.0 (I 
also recommend to update your KDE installation) but you can install Qt 3 in 
parallel, and, if you update KDevelop to 2.0 you can also use the Qt 
templates with Qt 3. For developing KDE applications using Qt 3 you need to 
update your KDE installation to the HEAD of the development branch which is a 
bit complicated but does work. Please specify your problems a bit clearer if 
you're running into them.


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