KDE 2.0 and QT 3.0 beta 4 works together ?

catalin catalin at bsc.ro
Tue Oct 30 21:10:34 GMT 2001

Hi Ralf,
> a more clearer mail would certainly help :)
> >From the subject, I read that you want to use KDE 2.0 with Qt 3

This is certainly my problem. I want to use QSqlConnection and other classes
that make easier connections with databases. And this classes are in QT.3.0.
For the moment I understand this is not possible.. I wonder which is the
version of KDE will support QT3.0 (I guess KDE 3.0 ??? ).
And if my answer (KDE 3.0) is right when it will be possible to test it (I
preffer a rpm if it's disponible)..

P.S. I hope soon to use Code Completion in KDevelop (I am a Delphi
programmer and enjoy the CC facility in this IDE).

Thank you again.

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