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Cleary_Mike at Cleary_Mike at
Mon Oct 8 15:52:08 BST 2001

I've just started learning kdevelop & have been doing some of 
the tutorials.  I was working on the tutorial in QTDesigner, and
at the point where you first build the project, the tutorial gives the
following 3 command lines:

	moc -o moc_PizzaEntry.cpp PizzaEntry.h
	g++ -I$QTDIR/include PizzaEntry.cpp PizzaEntryTest.cpp \
	moc_PizzaEntry.cpp -L$QTDIR/lib -lqt

The first command works fine.  The second one chokes on &bsol (says it 
can't find this command).  It continues & tries to compile, but I get a long
of "undefined reference to...various QT widgets".  I have gone over all the
up to this point in the tutorial, looked for typos, etc.  Any assistance
would be
greatly appreciated!


Cleary_Mike at
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