Compile probs

Robert Jan Schaper r.schaper at
Mon Oct 8 16:04:35 BST 2001

On maandag  8 oktober 2001 16:52, you wrote:
> I've just started learning kdevelop & have been doing some of
> the tutorials.  I was working on the tutorial in QTDesigner, and
> at the point where you first build the project, the tutorial gives the
> following 3 command lines:
> 	moc -o moc_PizzaEntry.cpp PizzaEntry.h
> 	g++ -I$QTDIR/include PizzaEntry.cpp PizzaEntryTest.cpp \
> 	moc_PizzaEntry.cpp -L$QTDIR/lib -lqt

line 2 & 3 are one line. Remove the \ thing, join both lines and try 


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