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Anne-Marie Mahfouf a-m.mahfouf at lineone.net
Mon Jun 18 02:19:56 UTC 2001

Thanks to juergen for his answer to my question.
Another little thing:
The .pot file is not generated using the kdevelop menu, how can I generate it?


Could it be possible to choose the language with the project wizard, i.e to 
have english as default but to be able to set it to another language and to 
have this other langage folder in /doc instead of the "en" folder?

This is an important issue, I developed a typically french little game that 
can't be translated (the aim is to help a child to read french).
How is english important in that case?
What about a french company that needs to develop a software just for a 
specific purpose in the company?

a-m.mahfouf at lineone.net

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