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Sun Jun 17 20:09:09 UTC 2001

Hi Anne-Marie,

> I would like to start a new project in another language that is to have the
> doc and the interface in for example french. But I noticed that the language
> folder created in /Doc is always "en".
> How do I do to have french as the language?
AFAIK English is the default language for all KDevelop projects and,
according to the philosophy of KDE internationalization each project
should come at least with English documentation. To add a French
translation it should be usually enough to create a "fr" directory
inside the docs dir and place the French stuff in there - but I may
miss something at this point. Maybe one of the translation gurus can
give reliable information concerning this topic.

> Then (Redhat7.1) the french accents é, à, etc... are displayed in Qt
> Designer but then disapear when I compile and run the project. I have the
> accents in the KDE menus and everywhere else but not in Qt applications. Any
> hint?
When you create the translation file with kbabel, you have to save it in
UTF-8 format. Kbabel's output file format can be configured somewhere inside
the Kbabel settings. I had the same problem with German "Umlauts" and
saving the .po file in UTF-8 solved the problem.

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