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Marcus Gruendler runner at
Sun Jun 10 10:52:57 UTC 2001

On Sunday 10 June 2001 09:49, you wrote:
> > I have seen your screenshots. They impress me a lot. Seems like we are
> > going to have a really high performance tool. I want to work with that.
> > So I hope you're not offended when I ask impatiently; "When can I have a
> > working gideon?"
> It would be good to have a list of essential things that are lacking.
> And I mean _essential_, not "my favourite feature". This would help
> a lot in getting priorities right.
> Bernd.


I am very enthusiastic about the new KDevelop which is currently getting 
beter and better. Since you asked for a list of neccessary things, I have set 
up such a list. These are just things that seem important to me and don't 
mean that they have to be changed the way I want, it's only a suggestion.

I am currently using a CVS checkout from 9. June 2001. 

* When started without a project loaded, gideon looks a bit empty ;-). Maybe 
  open the documentation browser or something similar.

* The main menu entry "No Text!" which provides access to the project
  generation should get a name ;-)

* Add an icon to the main tool bar (the one which is visible on startup) which
  creates a new project.

* Create new project should open the project after it has been created.

* Run "make -f Makefile.cvs" should be done automatically after creation of
  a new project. Currently I have to open a shell and run it manually, 
  otherwise Gideon can't run configure.

* Every time project settings have been changed which implies a rerun of 
  configure or other tools, this should be performed automatically, just
  the way KDevelop 1.4 does it already.

* Clicking on an error or warning in the message view should show the
  corresponding line in the editor.

* I find the project tab with two views (subprojects on top, categories or
  programs on bottom) a little confusing, since I don't understand their
  purpose. (This could of course be caused by my own incompetence ;)
  I think the project management should be centralized in one dialog where
  all customization are performed. Currently you have to right click on a
  subproject in order to adjust compiler settings and right click on a 
  program in order to adjust linker flags. 

  The top and bottom views could be merged into one tree, where you have 
  program targets as children of subprojects. This would be more intuitive
  in my opinion.

* The classes-view should be organized in subprojects as well, since often you
  split a large project into smaller subprojects in order to handle less 
  classes/files to look at. 

* The order of the tabs should be changed, so that the "Books" tab is further
  on the right and "Project" and "Classes" are visible at first. (There seems 
  to be a bug in my version which inserts two "Watch" tabs instead of one.)

* The "Watch" view should not be the same as in KDevelop-1.4 since it is very 
  difficult to watch variable values when variable names are long. Then the 
  width of the name column is resized to the full length of the name and you
  have to scroll to the variable value on every change. If the variable value
  is put on the next line ( or as a child of the name entry ) this does not 

That's it for now. I hope you can use some of these suggestions for 
inspiration :-). I hope to be able to help with some implementation after I 
have finished my final thesis in three weeks.

Bye, Marcus

P.S.: Gideon rocks! :-))

Marcus Gruendler
eMail: runner at
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