configure: error: Qt-1.4 (libraries) not found

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Fri Jul 20 02:09:03 BST 2001

On Thursday 19 July 2001 06:37 pm, you wrote:
> In a message dated 7/19/01 5:58:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time, nolden at
> writes:
> > Version of KDevelop you use and the KDE version is required :) As you say
> > that Qt 1.4 can't be found it's probably kdevelop 1.3 or earlier, so I
> > suggest you update to KDE 2.1 with KDevelop 1.4 and Qt-2.3.1. Then you
> > should
> > have absolutely no problems :)
> I have KDE1.1,  How do I install KDE2.1 ? Do I need to install ALL those
> packages I see at the ftp download site?

Yep, your grasp of the insanely ovious is outstanding here. If you are run 
Caldera go to their ftp site and get the rpms and then go to for the 
great step x steps you will find any where and read the selection on kde and 
upgrading. Everything you need to know and more. You just hit the jackpot.
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