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Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Thu Jul 19 16:31:16 BST 2001

Werner Modenbach wrote:
> On Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2001 08:31 Ralf Nolden wrote \n/ Am Mittwoch, 18. Juli
> 2001 08:31 schrieb Ralf Nolden:
> > Pabs wrote:
> > > Feature request
> > > Code formatting policies:
> >
> > KDevelop 3 (gideon) contains an astyle plugin for selection of code
> > formatting already. As far as I understand your request, you try to
> > force a certain formatting, which is a simple Nono for most developers
> >
> > :) Hence either write as you want or use the plugin to format the code
> >
> > in a certain manner you prefer.
> >
> Hi Ralf,
> I saw something quite interresting in an application called "together", which
> is compareable to "rational rose".
> The tool was called "quality management". There you can define rules for the
> programming style and check the code against those rules. Rules can be
> defined company wide to ensure a common programming style.
> Let's say you don't accept:
>         for (int i =0; i<max; i++) {}
> and instead want to have:
>         int i;
>         for (i =0; i<max; i++) {}
> Or let's say you don't accept constants inside the code without "const" or
> "#define" statements.
> Or let's say you want all constants in uppercase only.
> etc. etc. etc.
> The quality control module can be called like a spellchecker and marks all
> those parts of the code. This could be a real helpfull tool.
Ah, now I get this. Well, like Bernd already said, it will be a bit hard
for the free programmers to do because you will get flamed even for that
idea because it restricts the programmers freedom. But long-term there
is sure a way to do this if anyone wants to pick that up and wants to
either extend the asyle module or write another plugin. Did anyone do a
research if there is a commandline tool that checks for these rules
already that we could use just like asyle ?


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