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Werner Modenbach modenbach at alc.de
Thu Jul 19 08:34:02 BST 2001

On Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2001 08:31 Ralf Nolden wrote \n/ Am Mittwoch, 18. Juli 
2001 08:31 schrieb Ralf Nolden:
> Pabs wrote:
> > Feature request
> > Code formatting policies:
> KDevelop 3 (gideon) contains an astyle plugin for selection of code
> formatting already. As far as I understand your request, you try to
> force a certain formatting, which is a simple Nono for most developers
> :) Hence either write as you want or use the plugin to format the code
> in a certain manner you prefer.

Hi Ralf,

I saw something quite interresting in an application called "together", which 
is compareable to "rational rose".
The tool was called "quality management". There you can define rules for the 
programming style and check the code against those rules. Rules can be 
defined company wide to ensure a common programming style.

Let's say you don't accept: 
	for (int i =0; i<max; i++) {}
and instead want to have:
	int i;
	for (i =0; i<max; i++) {}
Or let's say you don't accept constants inside the code without "const" or 
"#define" statements.
Or let's say you want all constants in uppercase only.
etc. etc. etc.

The quality control module can be called like a spellchecker and marks all 
those parts of the code. This could be a real helpfull tool.

- Werner -

P.S. I love the power of kdevelop !!!

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