build Kdevelop for distribution

Nils Grundback sabbo at
Mon Jul 16 15:13:28 BST 2001

Hi, I'm currently making an CD, and my plan is to include Kdevelop for
Linux i386 on it. My idea was to use an binary version, mostly 
because it's easier to install.
I would like to build it as much staticly as possible to reduce dependency 
problems between diffrent distributions, the Cd is intended to work on all 
the big Linux i386 distributions.

Becaus I want to do this 100% correct I'm now asking for any thoughts about 
the configure options and installation procedures. I have searched for som 
pre-compiled binaries on the ftp archives but not found the 
latest version (1.4?).
I'm also intrested in any known problems with Kdevelop that would be of 
interest to the end users of th CD.

/thanks Nils Grundbäck

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