bugs in template "KDE2 Normal"

Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Mon Jul 16 07:58:27 BST 2001

"Pascal A. Niklaus" wrote:
> There were two more bugs in the project templates of KDevelop 1.4.1:
> - QT Application:  The user application object is never destroyed, which is
> a nuisance if there is important cleanup code in the destructor...
>         The following fix will do it...
>          QApplication a(argc, argv);
>         a.setFont(QFont("helvetica", 12));
>         QSomeApp *qsomeapp=new QSomeApp();

Just not using new  here will save the additional delete line :)
I will have a look today and fix this.

>         a.setMainWidget(qsomeapp);
>         qfit->show();
>         int result = a.exec();
>         delete  qsomeapp;                               // <== important !!!
>         return result;
> - KDE Applications (both SDI and MDI):  This bug was more annoying and
> cause crashed from time to time... in the close/quit functions (canClose ?
> I can't remember exactly), the application framework tried to display a
> message in the status bar which no longer existed ("Ready.") because it had
> already been closed.
Hmm...not sure if I fixed this or not, I will have a look tonight.

> I'm not sure whether these bugs are still in KDev2.0 because I've not had
> the time to install KDE2.2, but it would be too bad if they were in the
> final release...

Thanks for the info,

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