bugs in template "KDE2 Normal"

Pascal A. Niklaus Pascal.Niklaus at unibas.ch
Mon Jul 16 08:46:07 BST 2001

At 06:58 PM 16/07/2001, you wrote:

>"Pascal A. Niklaus" wrote:
> >
> > There were two more bugs in the project templates of KDevelop 1.4.1:
> >
> > - QT Application:  The user application object is never destroyed, which is
> > a nuisance if there is important cleanup code in the destructor...
> >         The following fix will do it...
> >
> >          QApplication a(argc, argv);
> >         a.setFont(QFont("helvetica", 12));
> >
> >         QSomeApp *qsomeapp=new QSomeApp();
>Just not using new  here will save the additional delete line :)
>I will have a look today and fix this.

Yes, but it is not nice to have a potentially large object on the stack.... 
I'd prefer the new. Maybe it would also pay to put QApplication onto the heap?


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