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Tjabo Kloppenburg tjabo at
Sun Apr 22 13:33:27 UTC 2001


I'm trying to compile a simple "KDE Normal App" (Normal3) for some hours now.
I want the app to be a simple html browser. I thought I've got to make the 
Normal3View inherit KHtmlPart instead of QWidget. But when modifying 
normal3view.h to include khtmlview.h and khtml_part.h and changing the class 
definition to
"class Normal3View : public KHtmlPart // QWidget"

the compiler (F9) says:
In file included from normal3view.cpp:23:
normal3view.h:41: parse error before `{'
normal3view.h:42: non-member function `className()' cannot have `const' 
method qualifier
normal3view.h:42: parse error before `protected'
normal3view.h:47: destructors must be member functions

and so on.
Whats wrong?
Is it wrong to inherit KHtmlPart? Do I have to create an instance of 
KHtmlPart in the constructor of Normal3View : public QWidget ?

Hints welcome! :^)
(I know, I've got to modify the constructor of the view class. but after 
changing this the same "parse error before {' is shown.)
(I removed the Q_OBJECT marco - no change)

Tjabo Kloppenburg

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