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Tue Apr 17 10:11:47 UTC 2001

Berndt Josef Wulf wrote:
> Robert-Margaret Hunt wrote
> > I checked out a new version of Gideon a couple of days ago from
> > CVS. Everything compiled fine and Gideon runs but I cannot open a
> > Gideon project - when I try to open a project I get a open dialog
> > that shows folders but no files. So I tried to open Gideon (I
> > assume the 'gideonprj' is the project file) by opening the
> > directory it was in (ie ~/progs/kde/kdevelop/"). This the name of
> > the folder to be displayed on the title bar but didn't appear to
> > make anything open. Next I tryed just typing names of
> > files/folders that didn't exist and it did exactly the same thing
> > as with folders that did exist. Is this a know thing - is the
> > open project still undevelopment - if so I am not complaining? Am
> > I the only one that has this problem? I had heard the Gideon was
> > almost usable - HOORAY! - but this basically rendered it useless
> > except as a text editor.
> Same here so I suspect it is early days in this project.

Nope, wrong :-)) 
Ok, I have to admit it's not easy to figure out compared to 1.4/2.0 so
this is the area again where I'll work on, usability and making a
power-IDE as simple as possible towards the user. What you need to do is
to start gideon, then select project-Import project directory and fill
out the dialog (selecting project type, language and directory). Then
use Project-open project and select the directory. The project component
will then open up your classes, files etc. It works, beleive me ;-) I
just need to find a good way to simplify the handling, so if someone
comes up with that I'd be thankful. I think at least directly loading
the project after using import project directory would help, but I may
be wrong and you guys come up with a much more usable way. Suggestions
welcome :-)  Please give it another try.


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