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Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Thu Oct 26 10:33:15 UTC 2000

Ralf Nolden wrote:
> Oliver Sbanski wrote:
> > > I think I can remember that there was a problem if the file didn´t
> > > exist. Maybe you should create an empty file where it is expected and
> > > see if that works. Think there is the file creation missing in the
> > > setup.
> > >
> > > Ralf
> > I've already created an empty file - it is just not updated after a search!
> > Oli
Ok, here you go, this is what I have and what I did:

1.My system is a fresh SuSE 7.0. I installed KDevelop from what is on
the CD´s. Then uninstalled kdoc (because it´s STILL 1.14 argh!) with

2.then I compiled kdk-1.2 and installed it. Uninstalled kdoc again (go
to kdk-1.2/kdoc; make uninstall)

3.then I compiled kdevelop 1.2 (what is now CVS version 1.3) and
installed it.

4.then fetched the kdoc module from the KDE CVS (needed for working with
current KDE2 API)

5.Installed kdoc with ./configure --prefix=/opt/kde (my KDE 1.1.2 dir
where kdevelop is as well)

6.su root

7.start kdevelop. the usual installation process etc.
8. go to setup, set QT doc path to /usr/lib/qt-2.2.1/doc/html
9. select update documentation
10. set the path to my kdelibs dir I have from CVS (which is the
sourcecode) in the dialog in the first edit line.
11. select leave docs untouched and install to other directory
12. set the new directory by creating a new one in
/opt/kde/share/doc/kdelibs-2.0 with the file dialog
13. press OK button to generate the kdelibs docs with crossreference to
qt-2.2.1 docs (this is why I set the Qt doc path first)
14. if that is finished, go to setup- documentation again and select
generate index. Press the OK button. SuSE only comes with Ht:/Dig
installed and that is already configured by the rpm I installed first so
I don´t have to watch any dependecies. The index is generated, then it
runs htmerge to update the database.

15. close the kdevelop I ran as root to generate the docs and index.

16. remove the ~/.kde/share/apps/kdevelop directory and 
17. run kdevelop as user - starts the installation process
18. go to setup and select documetation again, set the path to qt2 docs
/usr/lib/qt-2.2.1/doc/html and kdedocs which I just generated as root
with /opt/kde/share/doc/kdelibs-2.0
19. Press OK.

Then the docs and index are generated and set correctly in my user

20. I open a project I´m working on. Set the cursor over KMainWindow and
press right mouse button. Select "Search". KDevelop switches to the
docbrowser, the database is searched and - here you go - my
index-results.html file with the correct results. Mind this hasn´t been
there before. You can delete .kde/share/apps/kdevelop/* and it will be
recreated the next time you search, I´ve tested that. Also I did some
lookups for other things like KAction and QVBox, the result page is
updated each time.

I hope this helps giving you an exact guideline and you two probably
missed a point somewhere. If not, please test if your search database
exists and htdig is installed correctly.

Happy hacking ;)


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