Compiler options (once again...)

Hauke Hildebrandt Hauke.Hildebrandt at
Wed Oct 25 17:06:43 UTC 2000


I still have some open questions about getting my compiler options right
in the distribution package.
I know next to nothing about this autoconf/automake stuff, but I have
followed the instructions by Walter
Tasin to get my own DEFINES into the dist, manipulating
config.h/ Now, switches like
-D_REENTRANT and -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT are not really needed inside my own
sources but rather
for the compiler to use the right library code (at least I think so). So
they have to show up in the compiling stage as
g++ -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT and so on, which the above method doesn't do. I
know I could change the CXXFLAGS
in the Makefile, but that's not really user-friendly. So, is there
another way to get this right?

And second, the -fno-rtti option is on by default. Unfortunately, I need
some dynamic casts (I know, I know... :-)), so how do
I switch it off in the distribution?

Thanks for your help,


email: hauke.hildebrandt at

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