How to add custom dependencies to KDevelop

Mark Johnson mark.johnson at
Thu Oct 26 14:22:31 UTC 2000

I need to add a custom compile step in my project.  Is it possible to add
this to the Makefile the KDevelop generates.

I have a file special header file extension .hcd which must be compiled by
an external tool, ptxx, which generates a C++ header file of the extension
.hxx.  Can I get Kdevelop to do this for me or do I have to create a
separate script file and run this externally from the IDE?

I tried adding a "tool" and having run the command but that didn't work at
all.  So I changed it to run a bash script and added the single command
line, it that halfway worked.  I created only half of the files it was
suppose to.  Very strange...

thanks for your help...

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