KDE2 Templates

Sascha Günther s.guenther at lives.de
Mon Oct 23 15:27:00 BST 2000

> which is what I get here as well and I want this segfault to
> disappear...it´s an error with the close event going to the mainwindow
> instead to the childwindow.

I commented out the content of the slotQuit and see what happened:
The segfault occured again. So the bug cannot be in the template and must be 
somewhere in the libkde. I just try to find out what it is. The backtracking 
sounds like there is some object not destroyed or tryed to acces a dynamic 
array field that is not existing (anymore?). I do not think it is the event 
itself causing the error, but the handling.

> About the icon, KMenuBar inherits QMenuBar which works well with
> QWorkspace, so I´m wondering where this error comes from.

It might come from the overwriting of the Iconloader, bur I will be after 
that later on today. Now I just try to find out where the bloody segfault 
comes from :)


Sascha Günther
(s.guenther at lives.de)

P.S. Hope you understand my english, 'cos it is not so well...

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