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Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Mon Oct 23 12:35:45 UTC 2000

Sascha Günther wrote:
> > Can't remember the exact spot but could find out again (in some slot or
> > so)
> > So I just tried to replace KTMainWindow with KMainWindow. The
> > applications (unchanged templates) now compile but crashing right at
> > startup.
> It is in the <nameofprog>.cpp file in the Slot for the Quit Signal, when the
> Application wants to check for any open windows. If you replace the
> KTMainWindow with KMainWindow the SDI works fine for me, but the MDI has 2
> problems :
> (1) The Icon shown left of the Menubar is over the first menbar entry, when
> the Document is switched to fullsize
> (2) The application crashes everytime I quit it with a request for a
> bug-report.
> So I tried it the other way around and inherited my application main-window
> not of the KMainWindow, but of the KTMainWindow (just the other way around).
> Now it seems to work fine.

which is what I get here as well and I want this segfault to
disappear...it´s an error with the close event going to the mainwindow
instead to the childwindow.

About the icon, KMenuBar inherits QMenuBar which works well with
QWorkspace, so I´m wondering where this error comes from.

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