KDE2 Templates

Sascha Günther s.guenther at lives.de
Mon Oct 23 12:04:53 UTC 2000

> Can't remember the exact spot but could find out again (in some slot or
> so)
> So I just tried to replace KTMainWindow with KMainWindow. The
> applications (unchanged templates) now compile but crashing right at
> startup.

It is in the <nameofprog>.cpp file in the Slot for the Quit Signal, when the 
Application wants to check for any open windows. If you replace the 
KTMainWindow with KMainWindow the SDI works fine for me, but the MDI has 2 
problems : 

(1) The Icon shown left of the Menubar is over the first menbar entry, when 
the Document is switched to fullsize

(2) The application crashes everytime I quit it with a request for a 

So I tried it the other way around and inherited my application main-window 
not of the KMainWindow, but of the KTMainWindow (just the other way around). 
Now it seems to work fine.

> I got SuSE 6.3 (updated with SuSE 6.4 CeBit Evaluations CD, updated
> with 7.0 Evaluations CD) running but it shouldn't matter because I
> compiled/installed QT 2.2 and KDE2RC  myself.

Running Suse 6.4 and compiled QT2.2 and KDE2RC myself, too


Sascha Günther
(s.guenther at lives.de)

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