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Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Mon Oct 23 12:04:01 UTC 2000

Meinhard Ritscher wrote:
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> Hi all,
> I installed KDE2RC the other week. After a few days compiling I had it
> all up and running. Right, I now wanted to install KDevelop 1.2 again.
> So I installed qt v1.45 again and all necessary libraries needed by
> KDevelop. It complains at startup about something ... "consider
> relinking" but it works.
> Now, wanting to start with KDE2 programming, I tried the templates.
> Unfortunately they didn't compile:
> (neither KDE2 SDI nor KDE2 MDI)
> Error:
> KTMainWindow isn't a BaseClass for KMainWindow or vice versa.
> Can't remember the exact spot but could find out again (in some slot or
> so)
> So I just tried to replace KTMainWindow with KMainWindow. The
> applications (unchanged templates) now compile but crashing right at
> startup.
> A simple KDE2 App however is compiling and running without trouble but
> the template uses QApplication rather than KApplication. The Q2.1
> Templates working fine as well.

Ok, here is an update from us:

We´ll release a KDK-1.3 together with a KDevelop 1.3 during the next
weeks (we´re not ready yet). This will include updated templates. For
those who want to start right now, there are two ways:

a) get KDevelop 1.3 from anon CVS, use -rKDEVELOP_1_0 as tag
b) uncheck all libraries in the options dialog for your project and
replace this with $(LIB_KFILE) or a higher lib if required. I don´t know
exactly why the app is crashing if linking normally with -l´s but it
does due to a libpng bug. The $() helps instead and is also used in
KDevelop 1.3.

I hope this helps those who have problems currently. The CVS template
for kde2normal already makes use of xml stuff and is able to be used
with designer and uic.

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Ralf Nolden

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