configure error: system fails at linking small kde app

Ralf Nolden nolden at
Fri Nov 24 09:06:32 GMT 2000

_Usul John Obscurant wrote:
> hi,
> i was using kdk-1.2 under suse linux 6.2 i386 (kde 1.1.1, qt 1.44) and it
> worked great!
> but now i upgraded to suse 6.4 (kde 1.1.2, qt 1.45) recently. i cannot
> recompile kdk-1.2 anymore - configure exits with the message:
> --
> checking for KDE libraries installed... configure: error: your system
> fails at linking a small KDE application!
> Check, if your compiler is installed correctly and if you have used the same
> compiler to compile Qt and kdelibs as you did use now
> --
> after that i recompiled qt 1.45 and kdelibs 1.1.2 from the sources (rpms
> included in suse 6.4) without problems, but kdk-configure does not work ...
> any suggestions?
> thanks
>         _usul

Hi Usul,

we´re mostly developing on SuSE, so this is not a problem of your system
but probably because you´re missing the X headers. Installing package
xdevel seems to be the valid solution though.

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