About Makefile.cvs - some advice needed

mh crapsite at gmx.net
Thu Nov 23 08:30:27 GMT 2000

Hi all,
a few days ago, I've uploaded a project to SourceForge.
I made a tarball of my project, gunzipped/untarred it on my machine and imported
the result to the CVS tree on SourceForge.
Then I made a checkout to get my local copy of the CVS tree.

When I now try to compile/run this local copy, the project compiles, but the
moc files are not generated.
Therefore I tried to do a "autoconf and automake". This results in an error
message like "Makefile.cvs: no such file or directory".
The only way to get my project run again, is to use the shell, change to my
project folder and call autoconf, automake and am_edit manually. Then
everything runs again.

I stepped through the list archive, I've downloaded/read "Open Source
Development With CVS" by Karl Fogel and the new KDE book; no solution :-(

Where or when should this Makefile.cvs be created ? What am I missing?
Could someone *please* explain this or point me to the right piece of
documentation? I'm quite stuck now.

Thanks a lot.

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