KDE Libs sources path

Phil Newcombe newcombe at uniserve.com
Sun Nov 5 03:29:32 GMT 2000


I asked this question recently and received an immediate reply asking
for some clarification from someone on the list but unfortunately I seem
to have lost it - newbie.  So I'll try again.

Setup (for Kdevelop) finds all the initial things it looks for but when
I get to the setup for the library docs I can't get it to accept the
path that I think they are installed in.

When the dialogue asks for the `KDE Libs sources path' I think it is
asking for the lib documentation path - is that right?

If so I used Kpackage to track down where they were installed (from the
kdelibs sources RPM).  The file listing shows them to be in
/usr/share/doc/HTML/.... - so that is what I enter for `KDE Libs sources
path' but setup keeps telling me that they are not there.  I've tried
all sorts of permutations - i.e.. .../HTML/default,
...HTML/en,  to no avail.

The stated dir. does contain a file called Kdebug.html but nothing else
although the .../default (or .../en) contains a lot of other files that
seem like they might be related to Kdevelop.

Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong?


phil n

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