Ploting graphic

David Sweet dsweet at
Thu Mar 30 16:07:56 UTC 2000

Eh?  I was suggesting that Erico use KPlotW to create the plot he wants, not
asking for developers.  [but since you mentioned it... :)  anyone who'd like to
help out who receive much thanks!]

Anyway, KPlotW is already more sophisticated than BLT, I believe.  And, of
course, the GUI is better b/c I use KDE ;)


On Thu, 30 Mar 2000, Massimo Morin wrote:
> Hi David,
> 	it is along time (almost 3 years) I do not work with graphs and chart
> but I was always fashinated by them.
> I'm sorry but right now I cannot help you much on improving KPlotW, but


> A link is 
> The best way to understand it, is to see it in action: download tcl/tk
> and blt and run the examples.

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