[wish item] Use of accustomed Editor Key Bindings

Sven Bauhan bauhan at tu-harburg.de
Wed Mar 29 09:55:27 UTC 2000


I've been programming in the linux environment for some years. Like many
other developers I have used Emacs/XEmacs to edit my source code, so
that I got accustomed to the Emacs-Key-Bindings.
Now I tried to use KDevelop V0.4 to generate a project. Although it is a
very good tool, it is very frustrating to have such (for linux users)
strangekey bindings.
For example, when I want to mark some text, I automaticely press
Ctrl-Space and KDevelop opens the Dialog Editor. This key binding can be
disabled, but some of them are not changeable. So when I want to go to
the beginning of a line, I press Ctrl-a and the whole text is marked.
When I wanted to insert text and I start typing, then the whole text is
deleted. Of course this can be very frustrating, because there is no
possibility to disable this "feature".

So I ask you, if it is possible to keep the key bindings more
customizable or to use or integrate an external editor like the


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