advantage by compiling kde on your own pc....?!

Michael McConnell mmcconnell at
Fri Mar 24 16:53:44 UTC 2000

Well it's quite difficult to give you real numbers, regarding preformance gains
on *your* machine. But, I call say that you will definately get a preformance
gain by compiling all your programs on your system, with your settings. Not to
mention the use of PGCC (Pentium optimized, or Pentium II optimized that is
version of GCC) which has shown results as much as 40% improvement by compiling
with it, rather than the traditional GCC. For example XMMS, I believe takes
approximately 7% less CPU on my Dual P-233 with 64 megs of ram. Check it for
yourself,  (I think thats the url, if not just search
anyhow, always compile, if you can
always (-:


AndiX33 at wrote:

> hello,
> michael mcconnell wrote:
> > When using
> >  KDevelop, i'd recommend that you install both KDE and QT from a source
> > package, compile it, and install it yourself. This will
> >  result in both better preformance, and it will make them work >with more
> programs,
> what improvement can  i  expect when compiling kde from the source. i did it,
> but just for fun.
> can you express it in real numbers how much faster programs will run then?
> and what do you mean writing " will make them work with more programs".
> greetings
> andreas schmitzer
> ps: having compiled all from the source and  then writing "make clean"
> doesn´t really delete the folder with my extracted source-packages. can i
> delete the - now useless- source-folder or do i harm my system then?

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