Header-files with Extension .hh

mh moloch at nikocity.de
Fri Mar 24 12:58:58 UTC 2000

debug("Ehmke Eggert ICN WN ES D 56, Mit, 22 Mär 2000"):
> > Aha...you are right. They don't appear in the "LVF" under "headers".
> > They are shown in the "others" section.
> > Michael 
> > 
> 	It would be nice to move the files to the place I want them. In the
> properties dialogue the file type is shown as "HEADER". However, they apear
> in the "others" section.
> 	cu
> 	Eggert
I don't know whether this has been fixed in the meantime, but maybe
anyone is interested in this:

1. A simple workaround:
Edit your .kdevprj file manually.
Open it with an editor and search for a line that looks like this:
Change it to:
Reload your project in kdevelop. Now the header files with extension
".hh" are shown under "headers" in the LFV.

2. Fix the problem in CKAppwizard.cpp
The real problem seems to be located there around line 2584 (sorry,
no patch). The code looks like:


Add the line:

This only has an effect for new projects. If you have an old project 
you have to use the workaround under 1.

(hope this is correct ... Ralf?)

bb Michael

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