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Thu Mar 23 01:47:02 UTC 2000

On Thu, 23 Mar 2000, you wrote:
> I was working with KDevelop the other day and tried to run the internal
> debugger on the program I had just built.  Since it returned to me that my
> executable wasn't a binary file, I went digging for answers.
> For some strange reason, KDevelop creates a shell script in my source
> directory that relinks the executable before it is run.  The actual
> executable is stored in <source dir>/.libs/.  This creates complications
> for the debugger.  What is the reason for this shell script and is there
> anyway I can either set up KDev so it actually creates the executable
> where it's supposed to be, or set up KDbg to look for the binary somewhere
> else?
> I know I can do 'Open another executable' in the KDbg menu, but this
> doesn't allow me to set breakpoints in the code and do line-by-line traces
> of it.

Hi Tim,

This has been address in cvs, so if you update your kdevelop with this version
it'll work fine.

But current workarounds (best to worst) are
You can use "Debug another executable" and it'll find the source fine. If it
doesn't there's something wrong in your setup (I hope :-). Let me know and we
can try and figure out why.
cp the exe over the top of the script after a compile


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