Shell script as executable

Tim Wojtulewicz Tim.Wojtulewicz at NAU.EDU
Thu Mar 23 01:38:02 UTC 2000

I was working with KDevelop the other day and tried to run the internal
debugger on the program I had just built.  Since it returned to me that my
executable wasn't a binary file, I went digging for answers.

For some strange reason, KDevelop creates a shell script in my source
directory that relinks the executable before it is run.  The actual
executable is stored in <source dir>/.libs/.  This creates complications
for the debugger.  What is the reason for this shell script and is there
anyway I can either set up KDev so it actually creates the executable
where it's supposed to be, or set up KDbg to look for the binary somewhere

I know I can do 'Open another executable' in the KDbg menu, but this
doesn't allow me to set breakpoints in the code and do line-by-line traces
of it.



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