UPDATE: Kpp bug fixed version uploaded.

ian reinhart geiser geiseri at msoe.edu
Tue Mar 21 23:20:24 UTC 2000

On Tue, 21 Mar 2000, W. Tasin wrote:

> Ian Reinhart Geiser wrote:
> I´ve tried it... it´s getting better and better... compliments.


> 4 little things I recognized:
> 1) the packager often differs from the author of the package...
> maybe it would be better to get this from a local config file to have
> the own name and email in this field.
	the vendor (packager) is saved after the first usage so
	after a user enters there name it will keep using the last
	name they entered.  i kept this transparent because i did
	not feel like cluttering the app with more dialogs.

	unfortunately i forgot to remove the Options button.

> 2) shouldn´t it be better to name the spec-templates
> spec-am_edit.template and spec-automoc.template??? to have the same
> extension? (maybe you want to apply a filter in the openbox) and of
> course "automoc" instead of "autoconf" because both versions work with
> autoconf.
	yes, you are correct here.  i am confused as to what i was
	fixing with your template fixes.  if you could please clarify	
	the differences between automoc and autoconf templates that
	would help...

> 3) reading the kdevelop.kdevprj contains actually in the version string
> '1.0 Beta 1'.
> For this field you would have to strip the quotes and the blanks to get
> a correct filename, like 1.0Beta1 (as version for the tar.gz)
	hmmm.... never thought of that...  i will have to add that

> 4) Saving without loading a template seems to work, but it doesn´t
> create any output.
> Maybe an error message would be better.
	again... never tried it... and yes it should be fixed.

> Only some hints for the next version ;-)

	this is why open source will in the end win.  teamwork
	and constructive critisism are the best ways to make 
	software rock.  i would like to thankyou for your help
	and for working on KDevelop.  what you folks have done
	for linux/kde is AWESOME.


	-ian reinhart geiser

Ian Reinhart Geiser <geiseri at msoe.edu>
DEC Unix Systems Adimistrator and
	Computer Engineering Student

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