ANNOUNCE: KDE-ALPHA Binaries for 21 March 2000 (rpm, -bin.tar.gz)

Christopher Molnar molnarc at
Tue Mar 21 23:18:10 UTC 2000

 A new version of the KDE ALPHA binaries are available 
 at  Please read the README file in the 
 same directory. Just in case you missed it "READ THE README" prior to 
 doing anything!
 These binaries are built from CVS as of 20 March 
 2000 at 8pm Eastern Standard Time (-0500). Kdesdk
 has been added to the distribution.
 Please bring all install questions to the un-official 
 kde-alpha list at kde-alpha-request at
 There has been an update to the qt-copy and you will 
 need to get a new version. The experiment with the 
 small version of qt-copy did not work, so we are back 
 to one version.
 Not Included: kdemultimedia and kworldwatch- these did not compile.
 These files are available via ftp from:
 or via http at: (follow links for kde2 Alpha 
 You will also be able to find these at (after a few days):
 The installs have been tested by me on a RedHat 6.1 
 machine. They have also been reported to work on all 
 other distributions.
 The rpm's are built with SuSE 6.3. If you are not running the 
 most recent version of rpm, I would suggest
 an upgrade. You will need to do a --force and a --nodeps on the rpm 
 If you are running prior Alpha's I highly recommend you 
 update. There are a lot of fixes and some structural 
 changes in the packages. 
 You will also find Source tar.gz's in the same 
 Christopher Molnar                 
 New England Business Services, LLC
 Hartford, CT USA
 molnarc at
 "It said uses Windows 95 or better, so I loaded Linux!"

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