question on the patch for the kdk.

Harold Hartley haroldh at
Thu Mar 16 12:01:51 UTC 2000

Richard Dale wrote:

So from reading below, is it worth bothering with yet or at all...

> 'KDKOBJC-0.1.tar.gz' contains various patches to support Objective-C
> development with KDevelop 1.1 in the KDE environment, and six KDevelop
> projects to cover the complete GNUstep 0.6.5 source tree.
> But there's no api yet for Qt/KDE programming in Objective-C/GNUstep
> Foundation (work continues!). However,  a KDE Objective-C programming
> environment would be very nice. Objective-C is a more straightforward language
> to learn  than C++, and the OpenStep (now Cocoa) Foundation kit as implemented
> by the GNUstep project is a 'design classic' in my opinion...
> In the meantime you can have a look at what Objective-C programming looks like
> with KDevelop by trying the above set of patches etc. I wouldn't get too
> diverted from learning the Qt/KDE api though (I bought 'Programming with Qt' by
> Matthias Dalheimer a couple of months ago, and haven't got beyond the 'hello
> world' example yet - we people in glass houses should be careful about advising
> others  ;-) ).
> Regards
> -- Richard

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