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Maniac Maniac at
Thu Mar 16 00:48:41 UTC 2000

With the updated QT libraries it seems that QT has added some new "keywords"
and I would like KDevelop to recognize these and add them to the syntax

Currently I have my personal syntax style that correctly highlights the
Q_OBJECT macro and I would like to add the Q_PROPERTY,Q_ENUM series of 
macros Problem is,  I can't seem to find out where in the program these are
parsed and set for highlighting.  Could some kind soul point me in the right
direction and give me an area to search for the highlighting.  

Also in a related subject  I have seen that the keywords are "hard coded" in
the program and not external which could cause problems later if and when a
keyword is added/deleted.  I guess what I'm trying to say is we have template
files for various types of projects can we have templates for various styles of
syntax highlighting and languages or is this a major undertaking?

Maniac at

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