Robert Robert
Wed Mar 15 01:37:38 UTC 2000

On Wed, 08 Mar 2000, Janne Lähteenmäki wrote:

> Can anyone tell which rpm-package includes the compiled libqgl.a? Or how
> to compile the one that comes with the source package. It only seems to
> have "Makefile.in" file, not "Makefile".

I don't know what RPM-package libqgl.a is is in.  I try to steer clear of RPM's
as much as possible.  "One size does _not_ fit all!"

Here are some, hopefully complete, instructions for making libqgl.a yourself:

Unpack the QT source code, preferrably in the place where you want QT to
reside.  (tar -xzf qt-1.44.tar.gz).  For me this is in the /usr/local directory.

This will create a directory called 'qt-1.44' (or something like it) which I usually
rename to just 'qt'.  (mv qt-1.44 qt).

Make this 'qt' directory your current directory. (cd qt).

At the command prompt, simply type 'make'.  Since the tar-ball has been freshly
unpacked, there has been no configuration yet (qt uses a different method of configuring
than the typical "./configure" method employed by KDevelop, KDE, and a big portion
of the rest of the GNU world) so make will print out a rather long message followed by
an error.  Ignore the error, but read the message.  You may want to pipe the output of
'make' through 'more' so you can read all of the configuration choices. ('make | more').

Following the directions, type 'make <your-selected-target>' at the command prompt.
This will create all of the Makefiles needed for compiling this package.

You could now change to the directory 'qt/extensions/opengl/src' and run make,
and all will be well as long as the rest of the qt libraries can be found, and there are
no incompatabilities between the different compiled versions.  (it would be just as easy
to compile the whole package yourself.)  The new library, libqgl.a, will be in the
qt/lib directory.  You will probably need to move this to wherever your other qt libs
reside.  You can also make a shared library, which I have done, by modifying the
Makefile, but I won't go into that right now.

NOTE: Even if you compile the whole QT package, the extensions must be compiled
separately.  They do not get compiled automatically!


Bob Wheat
belran at worldnet.att.net

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