Janne Lähteenmäki janza at pc028.otanner.as.tampere.fi
Wed Mar 8 21:15:07 UTC 2000

On ke, 08 maalis 2000,  Tim Wojtulewicz wrote:

> >Can anyone tell which rpm-package includes the compiled libqgl.a? Or how
> >to compile the one that comes with the source package. It only seems to
> >have "Makefile.in" file, not "Makefile".
> >
> If there's a configure script in that directory as well, run that. 
> It will create the Makefile that you need.

There is no other scripts there... Damn! I'm not very good at these makefile
and configure things... :(

> If not, there is an rpm package that contains the qgl library.  It's 
> called qt-GL-<version>.  I know that it exists for qt-2.1 and I'm 
> pretty sure there's a version for qt-1.4.x too.

I downloaded a file called"gt1x-GL-1.45.rpm" but it only includes
file "libqgl.so" (dynamically linked file)


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