Developing console apps.

Morten Poulsen morten at
Mon Mar 13 17:10:25 UTC 2000

Hello all

I am having some problems with the development of a c++ console app. which
makes use of curses. I cannot convince KDev 1.1 to compile my project properly.
I have tried to input "curses" in the linker dialog in projectsetup, but either
the compiler says it have no reference to xxx-function, or gmake says it does
not know how to build target "curses" required for my program. What am I doing
wrong here?

Please help me as I am looking very much forward to using Kdev for project

Yours Sincerely
Morten Poulsen
author of Sunshine Commander
sc at

Med Venlig Hilsen/Best Regards

*** Morten Poulsen ***
* morten at *

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