couple of bugs.

Frank Nichols frank at
Mon Mar 13 00:10:37 UTC 2000

I have the same problems, and while I like kdevelop in general, I am forced
to go back to using C-Forge because of these "bugs". I tend to jump around
in the code a lot while working and the CV view sometimes goes to the right
place (header if header tab is selected, or source if source tab is
selected) and sometimes it doesn't - I find it very frustrating!

When kdevelop 2.x gets moving along, maybe I can help with these -


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   There are a couple of strange things I found with kdevelop1.1

1: When adding methods to classes via the add method dialogue
it adds the method the method definition get's added to the header
file as normal but the method declaration part does not get added
to the .cpp file. Instead it gets added to the bottom of the header

2: There is no vertical scroll bar on the "tree view" pane. It makes
to things very difficult for larger projects.

Not sure if this is a bug but:
3: When clicking on a class under the CV tab the header file gets loaded
under the "header/resources" tab/window but the cpp file doesn't get
under the "c/c++ files" tab/window. To change to that file you have to
to the "LFV" tab and click on the file directly. This is REALLY

I think there were a few more but I can't remember at the moment.


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