API-Doc generation

Markus Gustavsson mighty at fragzone.se
Sun Mar 12 15:00:19 UTC 2000


I don't know what's wrong here, but I have big problems making the API-Doc
generation work. I use KDE 1.1.2 and KDevelop CVS tag KDEVELOP_1_0.

First I used kdoc from KDE 1.1.2's kdesdk, from an old version of the KDK,
which complained on the -z compress switch. I upgraded to KDE 2.0's kdoc,
which gave me lots of other errors:

Attempt to attach JSPrintFunction to an undefined parent
	kdocAstUtil::attachChild(undef, 'Ast=HASH(0x81ccc3c)') called at /home/mboss/kde-1.1.2/share/kdoc/kdocLib.pm line 294
	kdocLib::readOldLibrary(undef, 'jscript', '/home/mboss/kde-1.1.2/share/doc/HTML/default/kdelibs//kdoc-refer...') called at
/home/mboss/kde-1.1.2/share/kdoc/kdocLib.pm line 190
	kdocLib::readLibrary('CODE(0x819f2e0)', 'jscript', '/home/mboss/kde-1.1.2/share/doc/HTML/default/kdelibs//kdoc-refer...',
'/wrk/prg/delta/delta/api') called at /home/mboss/kde-1.1.2/bin/kdoc line 203
	main::readLibraries() called at /home/mboss/kde-1.1.2/bin/kdoc line 160
kdoc: reading lib: jscript
*** failed ***

Does this have something to do with me using KDE 1.1.2's libraries under KDE 2.0's kdoc?

I get the same error with both the latest KDK's kdoc and the KDE 2.0 HEAD's kdoc module.

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