KDE 2.0 & QT 2.xx & KDevelop 2.xx

Ralf Nolden rnolden at kdevelop.de
Sat Mar 11 08:50:11 UTC 2000

Rene Maerten wrote:
> what i need is a answer where i can download a really stable version of
> a) KDE 2.0 (BETA of course :) )
> b) QT ( i think i got it)
> c) KDevelop 2.xx
Hi Rene,

about porting to KDE 2: please take kdelibs, kdesupport (optionally) and
qt-copy from kde´s cvs. Look at the tutorial handbook in KDevelop 1.1
how to install that stuff parallel to KDE 1 installations. DON`T use
KDevelop 2. Take KDevelop 1.1 and work like told in the tutorial with
KDE 2 apps.

That is the most save way to do it in my opinion. You may have to start
dcopserver and kioslave manually from your kde2/bin directory.

KDevelop 2 doesn´t work currently and you will miss the debugger ;-) as
well as many other new features.


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