OT (Linker problem with classes spreaded over directories)

Jon Anderson janderson at onelink.com
Fri Mar 10 16:39:18 UTC 2000

>> Is there a linker option or any code keyword, that solves this problem ?

>By the way, your question has no dependencies to kdevelop.
>For C++ related questions it's the best to choose one of the numerous
>news groups like de.comp.lang.iso-c++ (german).

Actually, it does.  Sometimes you need to change the order of the linked
libraries in order for LD to find the symbols.  In Kdevelop, in order to do
that, you will need to manually edit the Makefile.am files to rearrange the
libraries.  Be aware the kdevelop will overwrite these when you change your
project configuration!  (adding directories, etc).  Some else also stated
that changing the order in the .kdeprj file worked to, but it didn't for me.


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