Multi-process old project

Frederic Mantegazza mantegazza at
Fri Mar 10 07:45:04 UTC 2000


I have questions about the way to create a special project. I started a
project using only Nedit, creating my Makefile, and using CVS (with Macros in

This project is a multi-process project, ie I have a lot of process using
functions (which are stored in a shared library), and some Perl scripts. Those
process are in fact commands for a research instrument, and communicate via
shared memory.

I would like to use kdevelop to continue this project.

1) How can I make a multi-process project, ia having several targets in the
Makefile ?

2) I already have my project commited in my repository. This project is under
$CVSROOT/<project>. But kdevelop create a sub-dir <project>/<project>.
So, if a create a new project with the same name as my old project, and if I
use CVS, kdevelop will store all files in $CVSROOT/<project>/<project>.
Is there a way to create a project without this sub-dir ?

Thank's for your help.


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