Doctreeview hacking, and question about 1.1 & 2.0

Ralf Nolden rnolden at
Fri Mar 10 01:37:28 UTC 2000

"Carson, David" wrote:

Hi David,

> Hi all,
> I'm having a bit of a hack at the Documentation Browser in KDevelop,
> initially just to allow you to add books into the Others folder, and then
> items into the books, rather than being limited to only items in the folder.
> Anyway, I'm working on the KDevelop-1.1 source, and I see from the CVS
> browser that nobody has changed the files I'm working on (doctreeview.cpp,
> doctreeview.h) for some months, so I guess I'm not stepping on any toes
> there. 
You did ;-) it were mine ;-)
I´ve changed the doctree two or three days ago which is currently more a
workaround to get the kdevelop books reading the titles of the books
that are really installed (kdevelop documentation) and the
kdoc-references, so all kdelibs are displayed now. I´m currently trying
to reach Taj to get two other things implemented into kdoc so we can
make another "Projects" folder keeping all personal/local project API´s.

About your other requests: first of, we don´t have you on the list of
active programming yet ;-) Hacking makes not much sense here, the
project tree contains enough hacks actually. The 1.1 x version is ready
exept for the templates that Walter takes care of currently and the
translations. No other modifications should be done except those that
are fixing bugs (mine were more or less to avoid some trouble and make
things work better). So working on the 1.1 sources may help you getting
started, but won´t make it. You can anyway make your modifications and
upload them to the kdevelop ftp server. Then everyone who likes can take
your patch and add it to his distribution to compile it in, so you´re
very welcome to do so. 

For the 2.0 (HEAD) it currently makes no sense at all to program
anything. There have to be big changes done before and I think
especially because of the new docbook format and other things Bernd will
probably completely rewrite, at least partially, the doctree.

So you´re welcome to use cvsup to get the kdevelop HEAD version (2.0)
and play with that as well if you like, but it will take us month to get
to the current state of the 1.1 and then we´ll do extensions. Before
that, outside changes won´t make much sense.

Please don´t feel offended by what I said, I just laid out the facts as
the current state of development is. Enthusiasm and engagement is always
welcome, but for now I can only offer you to make patches that you can
offer on the kdevelop ftp server for the public.

Again, please don´t feel offended - You know we guys have a hard time
sometimes when releases are coming up and we´re all doing things in our
free time. We recently had some real hacks that were brought up as good
patches and I myself had a lot of trouble with that because after
inserting the patch KDevelop had more bugs than before and some things
even caused crashes. So nothing personal, just a matter of experience on
our side and we have to keep an eye on a kind of things to do first, OK
? ;-)

Greetings and kind regards for your offers,


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