KDevelop hangs when project directory contains directory '%'

Moritz Franosch jfranosc at spine.t30.physik.tu-muenchen.de
Thu Mar 9 23:54:54 UTC 2000


This bug may occur very rarely but it took me a while to find the
KDevelop hangs when the directory tree of a project contains a directory
named '%'.

To reproduce the bug do (KDevelop 1.1):
- Generate a new project:
  Project->New, terminal C++, projectname 'Test', projectdirectory
  '~/tmp/test', default settings otherwise
- quit KDevelop
- cd ~/tmp/test
- mkdir %
- call KDevelop again
- KDevelop hangs while displaying the first window with the version
  number (because it tries to open the 'Test' project).

I don't really need the bug fixed because because the directory '%'
was generated by one of my own faulty makefiles.

Thank you in advance,


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